7 Things to do after the event

Guests have left, table cloths are folded and doors are closed. But what more can you do to engage your guests and amplify the success of your event?

Congratulations!  You’ve made it through the event you’ve been stressing over for months.  Sponsors and clients are happy and a good time was had by all.  But before you pop that champagne, there are just a few more items to check off your list…

1. First, get some rest! 

Events are hard work and often stressful.  We know you want to wrap up and get it behind you, but catch your breath first.  The worst is over, but these last few items are just as important.

2. Get those photos out. 

Ensure that your photographer provides you with at least a few media-worthy photos the morning after the event, so that you can share these across various channels.

3. Send thanks to all involved. 

Send notes and gifts to all who played a part in the success of your event.  Remember to thank venue staff, volunteers, sponsors, facilitators, speakers, performers and, of course, your own team.  Thank your guests too, for their time – and if appropriate, provide them with vouchers for products or services showcased during the event.  (If you haven’t already done so in your gift bags.) 

4. Send out a survey. 

Don’t be afraid to ask your guests for feedback.  By using a short, well-constructed feedback form, you can easily find out what they loved and what you can improve on for next time.   Keep a repository of all great testimonials from your clients and guests, that you can use for future marketing.

5. See what’s out there on social media. 

If you’ve been promoting your event using a specific hashtag, you can collate all mentions on social media, using one of the many available apps to get a full social overview of your event.

6. Run the numbers and settle all bills. 

Unpaid or late paid bills are often the breaking point in many working relationships.  If you’re the “middle-man” waiting for payments in order to pay suppliers, ensure that you keep communication as open as possible. 

7. Have a formal debrief with your team. 

Run through all the analytics that you’ve collected and go over the various lessons learnt.  Bear in mind that what might seem obvious to you now, might be forgotten during the stress of the next event, so document everything for future reference!

Now go ahead and pop that champagne, give yourself a pat on the back, and get ready for the next one.  Happy planning!